Bullet Journal – October Cover Page

October might be my favorite month of the year. It’s officially spooky season and it finally starts to feel like Fall.

I copied this cover page from a post I saw on Pinterest, not gonna lie. I thought it was super cute and looked like a tarot card. Plus, after getting back from my trip I was horrible about keeping up with journaling and just wanted to do something that wasn’t too complicated. I think it turned out well, I really like the orange and dark blue together.

Anyone who knows me or has been to my house actually knows that I really love those colors together. In my living room I have a burnt orange accent wall and a navy blue sofa. I have navy all throughout the house actually – my kitchen cabinets, my hallway upstairs, my bedsheets.

Anyway…October is a really exciting month because we get all the scary movies and Halloween! I actually had two weekends of Halloween parties this year, which was super fun. I went as Marla Singer from Fight Club for the first party and as an alien for the second.

This time of the year is truly the best. Now that we’re in November I’m really looking forward to Thanksgiving. Just give me all the comfort food!

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