Flawless by Sara Shepard


Okay, so I went ahead and read the next book. I actually finished it about two weeks ago and haven’t had time to post about it until now. It’s crazy because I thought graduating and not having to go to classes or do work would leave me more time to read/blog, but I’ve been super busy with the job search and everything else that life has thrown at me recently.

I’m pretty sure I’m just going to go ahead and read all of the Pretty Little Liars books that are out. They’re pretty easy to get through, so I’m hoping they don’t take up too much time. I just feel bad about starting a series of books and then never reading through all of them. Like I have to finish things before I can start something else.

This book, like the first was pretty similar to the television series. It kind of blows my mind how quickly the show went through these two books. I’m so used to one book being one whole season. I feel like if I read these books as they came out and had to wait for what happened next and then watched the show and saw how quickly everything flew by I would be kind of disappointed. Maybe it was a decision made by the editor to shorten the books and put out more of them, who knows…

The biggest thing I have to talk about from this book is ***SPOILER ALERT***
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Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard


So I finished reading the first book in the Pretty Little Liars series pretty quickly (just haven’t gotten the chance to post until now). It was easy to fly through, especially since the chapters are so short. It was definitely nice to read something like that after how long it took me to read the A Song of Ice and Fire series.

Someone commented on my last post when I started reading this book and said that they didn’t read any of the others because they found the characters too unlikeable. I could definitely see where they’re coming from. These girls are kind of brats and they do a lot of stupid things (drinking and driving, sleeping with your teacher or your sister’s fiance, etc.). But I think the fact that they’re unlikeable is sort of the point. The fact that they’ve turned out this way as a result of their friend going missing really shows how much of an impact Ali had on each one of them.

The first book was almost exactly the same storyline as the first episode of the television series. I was a little shocked because I thought that it would have at least gone a little further into the first season, but I think there are something like 16 books in this series, so I guess they take place in a shorter amount of time than the show.

Overall, it was an enjoyable read. I’ve started the second book and I’ll probably end up reading them all eventually.