Bullet Journal – August 2020 Cover Page & Monthly Spread

I said I would try to be more artistic this month! I’m also posting close to the beginning of the month and not the end, so I’m kind of proud of myself here.

If you read my posts, I was ending July pretty optimistic about life and everything going on. I still feel like I’m trying to stay positive and optimistic, but I got some pretty unfortunate news about my job last week, so it’s put a bit of a downer on things.

I’ve talked a little about it before, but I currently work for a travel company. With everything going on with COVID, my job has been heavily impacted. My company has no incoming business and while we’ve been able to stay afloat and continue working full time up until now, the time finally came for my boss to make some cuts.

I feel like I knew it was coming soon and I’ve been trying to save a bit so that I would be more prepared when it did happen, but it felt sort of sudden and I wasn’t 100% prepared for it when it happened last week.

Luckily, my dad is self-employed and I’m able to help him out so I’ll be able to sort of make up for the loss of income with a part-time job. I know a lot of people aren’t in the position to do this and dealing with unemployment right now seems like a nightmare. I’m definitely very fortunate to have this opportunity and to be able to continue paying my bills and save any extra money for the month.

Which brings me to my spread and “habit” tracker for August!

Keeping up with the “No Spend” on my habit tracker is going to be really important this month. I’m not exactly sure what my income will be between the two jobs, so I’m trying really hard to make sure I don’t spend too much on things that aren’t necessary.

My “Goals” section is pretty short and sweet, and honestly that’s what I need my mindset to be going into this month.

Save money, stay positive.

I think that’s really a good reminder right now with everything going on in the world. Things are pretty bad, and it feels like every day gets worse. It’s really hard to stay positive, but I think we all need to keep looking toward that light at the end of the tunnel. We’ll get through this eventually.

Bullet Journal – April 2020 Cover Page & Monthly Spread

Here we are again posting my cover page at the end of the month. Sorry guys! Things have been so strange with the pandemic and the state of the world right now.

To be completely honest, I’m finding it hard to find motivation to do anything. Working from home is definitely not something that I enjoy. Okay, so maybe it was fun for a week or two to not have to get dressed for work and to sit and drink tea all day long. Now it’s just sort of frustrating.

I used to be able to leave work at work. I would drive the 20 minutes it takes to get home and blast my music if I felt stressed about something, and then go home and enjoy my peaceful space.

Now it’s become a part of my space. I can’t really escape it. Even when I shut down for the day I’m still thinking about it. I’m thinking about if I put in enough work for the day. I’m thinking about what I can do tomorrow to be better. Even on the weekends I’m thinking about doing work just because I don’t have anything else to do and could really get a good start on some of the projects.

I’ve tried to do other things to keep myself busy during this time, but it’s really hard.

I tell myself I’m going to catch up on new Netflix series, read more, exercise more, eat healthier, improve my quality of life, etc. I will give myself some credit – I ordered a ton of painting supplies from Michael’s and have started getting back into making art. So far, that’s the one thing that’s helped me stay sane during this stay-at-home order.

I haven’t really done much else though. Plus my overthinking is getting the best of me and I’ve definitely pushed people away…not going to get into that today though.

So now that I’ve vented all my personal COVID-19 frustrations, lets get back to bullet journaling…

I decided to go with a Spring theme this month. I was inspired by the daffodils growing in my backyard. I guess the blooming of flowers after the cold winter is kind of a sign of hope for better, warmer days. I was obviously feeling a lot more positive at the beginning of the month.

I’ve really slacked on keeping up with my habits. I did get in some reading the last two days, so I’m happy that I’ll be able to fill in those little boxes. Really need to start making dinner more, but honestly it’s mostly that I have so many leftovers as a single person that I don’t really need to make more than 2 or 3 meals a week to keep myself fed.

Not really much else to share about this month. How’s everyone else coping?

The Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick

This is maybe the first time that I actually like the movie better than the book. The movie was so much better than the book, that I almost think they had to have read it and thought “I could do this and make it better” and that’s why a movie even exists at all.

I really hate when I don’t like a book that I’m reading and I hate to be negative, but there just wasn’t anything that I really liked. I didn’t like Pat, which is maybe why it was so bad. It’s possible that if I hadn’t seen the movie and known about what had happened between him and Nikki, I’d like it more, but I really can’t decide if that matters at all.

Is Pat supposed to come off as boring? He’s so uninteresting as a person and really doesn’t seem like he has anything going on in his brain other than being with Nikki. I understand being obsessed with something and your whole life revolving around it, but I feel like I know nothing about him other than that he’s a Eagles fan and he wanted to get back together with his wife.

His dad was always super distant and I feel like that’s something that could’ve been written about and resolved rather than this weird story about a dance competition and a woman who likes him. The whole dancing part was weird in the story. In the movie it was a major plot point, but in the book it was just something he did for awhile to be able to talk to Nikki and then it was over and done with.

The ending also happened really fast. It was like they had the dance competition, he ran into his friend Danny randomly, watched the wedding video and remembered Nikki cheating, saw her with kids, and then got over it and was ready to be with Tiffany. I have a hard time believing that if he was so convinced he was supposed to be with Nikki and had to improve himself for her, that he would so easily accept that she was happy with someone else and leave her alone. I don’t buy it at all.

It was pretty disappointing to read this and not like it. I had actually read so many things about this book being great and good for someone going through a break up. I don’t think this would resolve anything for me if I was in a relationship that had just ended. I was actually really happy that I wouldn’t have to read any more of it, as harsh as that sounds. Would not recommend.