Very recently I’ve become more interested in James Franco, his work, and his life. Something that I was surprised to find out was that he is almost constantly enrolled in college classes and is a pretty big bibliophile. I love that someone who is as rich and famous as James Franco chooses to spend his time furthering his education and reading books. It’s very impressive actually and totally changed the way that I viewed him as a person. This year I plan on reading the books that he has written and I look forward to seeing what his writing is like.

If anyone has read anything he’s written I’d love to know what you think.


Still working on getting through A Dance With Dragons. It’s going pretty well.


I can’t believe Aegon is alive! Not that I’m that surprised, it makes for a pretty good storyline. I’m looking forward to seeing where GRRM takes this, especially how it will play out with Daenerys.

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