Demonology by Rick Moody

c260f1e60123f1475bc17dfc95658746I enjoyed reading this story. From the very beginning it hinted at something possibly happening to the sister. I think the mood and tone of the story really suggested at that.

The way that this story was written was kind of hard to follow. It seemed like it jumped around a little bit and I wasn’t very sure of the time period/frame that things were happening in.

However, the way the narrator was describing the different memories sort of reminded me of how it is to be at a viewing and look at the boards of pictures around the room. Seeing these photographs would bring up all these memories, and if that was what Moody was doing, it was a clever way to hint at a funeral.

I thought that the photographs and describing them were an interesting way to bring more realism to the story. People can relate to seeing photographs of their loved ones and having memories return to them.

The realism element definitely made me feel some shock and emotion when the sister died. If the story had been completely fictionalized, the feeling associated with her death may not have come through as well.

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