Emerge 2014 Academic Award Goes to Kate Clements

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Emerge 2014 attracted more than 320 entrants from artists in 32 countries and 35 universities. 42 of the artists were selected to win awards.

MFA Glass student Kate Clements received the Emerge 2014 Academic Award for her piece Untitled (Wall). It was her second time submitting work.

“While I was in undergrad at the Kansas City Art Institute I got into Emerge 2010 but wasn’t an award winner,” Clements said. “The push for me to apply this year came from Sharyn O’Mara and the glass department’s artist in residence Dan Clayman, they were both excited and confident that the piece would do well in the show and that I should make time to apply even though it was at the end of the semester. I almost didn’t apply!”

Winners were announced at the show’s opening. Clements found out that she had won through a Facebook post.

“It felt amazing once I knew for sure,” Clements said. “In undergrad the teacher who introduced me to glass was very fond of the Emerge show and we had all the books of each exhibition. It felt like a big deal when I got in as a finalist, but to have come back and win the Academic Award makes me very proud and excited for when he get’s this year’s catalog and will be able to see my piece in the front section. It feels like I’ve managed to reach one of my life goals as an artist, which now makes me feel like it’s possible to do even more.”

The submitted pieces were judged by Kathleen Moles, Emily Nachison, and James Yood. To qualify, each piece had to be at least 50 percent glass.

“With this piece I was exploring the female’s desire of transcendence in regards to their physical presence,” Clements said. “In a description of the classical body, an image of a white female bourgeoisie, she is described as monumental, self-contained, static, and closed. This standard of beauty reaches multiple and disconnected societies. The Wall manages to become something that is recognizable, white its associations are from a palace gate to the 1970s wallpaper of a Midwestern home. It defines the space it is in while simultaneously becoming an object that is only of surface value to be looked at and admired.

For the Academic Award, Clements receives $1,000 gift card and Tyler receives two scholarships to BECon 2015.

“The money is a gift card to Bullseye Glass, I’m planning on saving it and using it towards my MFA thesis show next year,” Clements said. “To me it feels like a grant towards my work and I’m excited to see what can develop because of that funding.”

Her piece will also be featured in a national touring exhibition.

“It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that such a wide audience will be able to see my work,” Clements said. “Before moving to Philadelphia my work was primarily seen in the Midwest. This is great exposure and will hopefully lead to opportunities in the future.”

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