Short and Sweet: Killer by Sara Shepard

3047849I’m back! Well, sort of. This is just a quick little review, but it still counts as a post right?

I was in a rut. I had started reading something that I didn’t find interesting and when I put it down, I struggled to pick it up again. This happens to me sometimes when reading, and I feel like I have to finish something before I can start something new so I get sort of stuck.

Sometimes when this happens, it helps for me to read something light. Since I had already read the first few “Pretty Little Liars” books, I decided to quickly read the next one. And I actually finished it.

I’m not sure what it is about these books, but they’re actually pretty interesting. I do follow the television show (I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before), and it’s interesting to see the differences between the two.

There really isn’t much to be said about the books. They really could probably be squeezed into one larger book, but it was enjoyable to read and I’ll probably read the next one.

Now that I’ve finished a book, I’m looking forward to starting another one. I’m really interested in Paper Towns and want to see the movie, so maybe you’ll see that next on my book reviews.

Anyway, thanks to anyone who reads these posts. I really appreciate any interest you show in looking at my posts.

Thanks again for reading 🙂

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