Out of the Girls’ Room and into the Night by Thisbe Nissen


“Out of the Girls’ Room and into the Night” was a very interesting short story to read for my Creative Acts class. So far, all of the stories that we’ve read have the element of sex in them. I think that it’s completely natural to have sex in a story that you are writing because it is something that everyone can relate to at some point.

In this story specifically, the sexual acts are happening between a girl in high school and her teacher. This is kind of an obvious fantasy for many people, I think. Nothing about this story made it very different or very interesting. It was just sort of a story about a girl who found out her friend had sex with her teacher.

It does say a lot about what will be said when girls go to the bathroom together. I guess since I’m a girl I can relate to going to the bathroom with a group of my girl friends and us gossiping about people that we’re with or telling each other things that we might not say out in the public where others can hear.

Overall, the story was okay. Nothing special or really eye-opening, just that a girl who acts like everybody wants her actually lets people have her.

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