Alyssa Wojcik’s Job Has Perks

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Alyssa Wojcik has been working at the United Zion Retirement Community in Lancaster since she was sixteen years old. When she went to Tyler she continued working at the retirement community in the dietary department.

“Before United Zion, I did not have any real art education experience other than very small projects that I had done in the National Art Honor Society in high school,” Wojcik said.

After she received her degree in Painting from Tyler in 2012, she applied for a job in the Activities/Recreational Therapy department at the retirement community.

“I do a range of motivational group and one-on-one activities, but primarily I do art and craft projects,” Wojcik said. “The residents love having finished products to show off.”

The residents can also have their work on display in the resident gallery that Wojcik maintains.

“The response has been amazingly positive, and I feel so lucky to be able to use art in a way that can give someone a feeling of purpose and confidence,” Wojcik said. “I come from a very conservative art area, and my residents now have really grasped the idea of art that is more abstract. For many residents, especially those with disabilities, this new idea of what art ‘can’ look like has inspired them to create and enjoy the process just as much as the outcome.”

Each month, the retirement community picks an area artist to be showcased in their facility’s gallery. For the entire month of January, Wojcik’s work was on display. It was her first large-scale exhibition.

“Since having my work up, I’ve gotten a few other interviews as well as an invitation to be a visiting artist at a local elementary school,” Wojcik said.

Wojcik recently began taking over the duty of rotating the artists showcased in the gallery. Since the booking is done a year in advance, she is currently booking for the end of 2014.

She encourages artists in the Lancaster area to contact her if they are interested in showing their work at the retirement community’s gallery.

For more information about Alyssa Wojcik and to contact her, visit

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