Artwriter Robert Preece Started As Tyler Student

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Although Robert Preece graduated from Tyler with a BA in Art History in 1990, he has worked in Holland as a full-time writer for the past fifteen years.

Most recently, an interview that Preece conducted with the artist Phoebe Cummings made the December 2013 cover of Sculpture magazine. Preece has covered the Northwest European region for the magazine as a Contributing Editor since 1999.

His practice in writing began ten years earlier when he studied at Temple Rome. After taking Shara Wasserman’s Galleries and Studios class, he found that he was very interested in artwriting.

“I had just transferred to becoming an art studies-oriented major, and I proposed a class project which forced me to interview several art professionals in Rome, which took me out of my comfort zone,” Preece said.

After graduating with a later MEd, also from Temple, Preece was given the opportunity to teach the Language of Art and Design in Kanazawa, Japan at a Parsons School of Design affiliate. He went on to teach language, communications, art, and design in Hong Kong and the U.K.

It was during this time that he began writing articles and reviews for different publications. His writing has covered a large variety of topics that he is interested in.

“I write about art, design, and creative entrepreneurs,” Preece said. “I do a lot with technology and business writing. I like all of it, I think all of it brings something to my practice and then I end up bringing that knowledge to other areas.”

When asked who the most interesting person he has written about, Preece decided that it had to be his 2002 interview with Honey Luard, the Public Relations “guru” at White Cube.

“This is a gallery in London that started about twenty years ago and quickly became an international powerhouse. I still may be the only person she’s allowed to interview her, as PR is supposed to stay firmly being the scenes in the media machine,” Preece said.

He also fondly remembers interviews that he did with artist Tracey Emin, Julie White, and Stephen Mallinder of the band Cabaret Voltaire.

Currently, Preece has a lot on his hands. He is working on ten articles that are scheduled to come out in Sculpture this year, as well as a number of texts concerning design, business, and technology.

For aspiring contemporary art writers, Preece would recommend having some training in journalism and the laws related to published writings and copyright.

“It’s certainly not all about craft, and very quickly becomes about business, marketing yourself and sales, and getting your bookkeeping, accounting, and tax declarations right,” Preece said.

To date, Preece has published over 300 writings on art, design, and language in books and magazines, and over 700 texts focused on design, technology, entrepreneurship, and communications for multi-national corporations.

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