Rimmel London ScandalEyes Precision Micro Eyeliner


#InfluensterChamp! Since I received the UniVoxBox, I was able to complete different tasks (photos, blog posts, reviews) on the products that I received complimentary for testing purposes. If you complete all of those tasks, you can qualify for the brand badge associated with each item. Some of the people who receive the brand badges will be rewarded with another free product from that brand. For completing the tasks, I was also given this really cool eyeliner from Rimmel London. I’m also supposed to receive Kiss brand stick on nails and fake lashes, but they haven’t shown up in the mail yet.

To celebrate receiving new eyeliner (yay!), I decided to do a review of the product while (attempting) to do a cat eye on myself.

I was really excited to get this product because I love the way liquid eyeliner looks and am really bad at using it unless it has a felt tip. Plus! My current eyeliner is running out, so I really needed a new one anyway and it was free!

Before I started on the cat eye liner, I did the base makeup on my face and put some eyeshadow on. I just used a light sparkly color and then used a slightly darker color for the outer crease. Here’s a photo of before I started putting on eyeliner:


Woohoo for (partially) naked eyes! Next I started to draw the line. I basically followed this tutorial, minus lining the lower lashes, and obviously this is not liquid eyeliner in the photots:


So basically, I drew the first line like I was drawing from the outer corner of my eye to the outer edge of my brow. I then drew another line from the end of the first line back to my lash line. I filled in the little “triangle” and then lined the rest of the top lash line like I usually do.


I did a little bit of touching up and had to make the line a little thicker in order to have a smoother line. I think it turned out okay. The felt tip from the eyeliner was really easy to use and I felt like I had a lot of control over the line. For any mistakes that I had (and trust me, there were some. It’s hard to get both eyes to look the same!), I just wet a q-tip and “erased” the mistakes. It came off pretty easily, which was a little surprising for me because the eyeliner is supposed to be waterproof. Once my pool’s open I’ll have to test out the waterproof claim for real.

Here’s a photo of it with mascara:


Yay for a subtle cat eye! I’m really happy with it and I’m really excited that the liner works so well and looks so good. And, here’s my final look:


Hopefully you guys found this useful/interesting. If you have any tips for how to do a better cat eye I’d definitely appreciate them! I’m hoping to do it a lot more now that I have this fancy eyeliner. Also, seriously check out Influenster.com if you’re interested in testing free beauty products. It’s super easy to sign up and to qualify for the VoxBoxes.


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