The Clear Proof Acne System by Mary Kay

IMG_6252Hi Guys!

A month ago I received the #ClearProof VoxBox from Influenster. My job was to switch out my usual acne regime and start using this new one from Mary Kay for 30 days. Tomorrow will be a month exactly since I made the switch and I have to say I’m pretty disappointed with the results.

The Clear Proof system boasts a 4 step routine to clear up your face and make your complexion brighter. I was really excited to try it out because it claimed to show results within the first seven days and then give me clear skin by the time the 30 days of treatment were up.

I should say that I’ve never really had a terrible problem with acne. My breakouts are usually stress related and it’s usually only a few stubborn pimples that just won’t go away. I’ve used everything from Proactive to soap to try and get rid of my pimples for good and nothing has every really truly worked.


Here is a photo of me without makeup. As you can see, my skin isn’t terrible, but there are bumps. I apologize for the quality of the photo not being better, but I wanted to show what my skin generally looks like.

Now let’s get to my review of the product…

The 4 steps to the Clear Proof Acne system include a cleanser, toner, acne gel, and a moisturizer. The directions say to use each product one to three times a day, but I decided that since I would use it like my normal routine I would only do the regime one, maybe two times a day.

Week One: After using the products for a week I noticed that I had way more pimples than when I started. My face would get oily more quickly during the day and I felt like I needed to wash my face more than twice a day. It seemed like every time I used the products I would get a new pimple. It was totally disheartening after being promised results within seven days. I’ll admit that it got so bad I actually thought about stopping the regime. I was upset that I wasn’t getting any results and that my skin was actually way worse than it had been in years.

I had heard before that acne products sometimes pull the pimples from underneath your skin out and you’ll break out a lot at first during a new acne routine, but this seemed kind of ridiculous.

Week Two: Still no results and still lots of new pimples. At this point I was really ready to give up. I was caking on makeup to cover new pimples and my face was so oily. I did notice that the moisturizer was making my face really sticky when I put it on and thought that it may be the reason my face was so oily, so half way through the week I stopped using it. I know that I probably shouldn’t have stopped using it, because I’m supposed to be testing the whole system, but my intuition was telling me that the moisturizer was what was causing all of my new pimples.

Week Three: After I stopped using the moisturizer my pimples finally started clearing up. I was actually seeing results and my skin looked so much better. The other three steps to the program weren’t drying out my face, so I didn’t feel the need to moisturize.

Week Four: My skin is back to the way it was before I started the program. I have a few pimples on my face right now, but nothing like it was during weeks one and two. The products aren’t gone yet, so I’ll probably keep using them until they run out to see if I notice any improvements, but for now my skin isn’t any better or worse than it was when I first started the treatment.

Final Review: The idea of an acne system that I had to make sure I used every day definitely helped me to remember to wash my face often. I liked that I sort of got into a routine with it and felt like after I used the products my face were really clean. However, I didn’t see any of the results I was promised. I feel like I’d prefer to use the products until they run out to see what the results actually are instead of limiting it to just 30 days of testing. For me, this acne system just didn’t work and it definitely wouldn’t work for every skin type. The moisturizer made my already oily skin even more oily and made me break out even more than usual. I think that acne systems like this one and Proactive need to be designed to fit the needs of the person using their product. The one product fits all marketing of these systems really do not work for everyone and definitely did not work for me.

Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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