Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

d826bee1e02e43f12d0bc6386d7cbbfcMan, what do I even say about this book? *POSSIBLE SPOILERS*

When trailers for the movie first came out I was totally interested in going to see it. It looked good, like a story about a man who probably killed his wife. The previews hinted at a twist, which I thought would be that she had faked her death and left him there looking guilty.

When I actually went to see the film, I was amazed by the story of Nick and Amy Dunne. It was nothing like I had expected and I was happily surprised by the film. Of course, I wanted to read the book after seeing the movie. Let me just say, it was so much better.

Really being able to get into the heads of Nick and Amy Dunne made reading the book worthwhile. I knew what was going to happen with them, but their voices coming through each page and the depth of their story really brought it to life that much more. Seriously if you’ve seen the movie and haven’t read the book, you need to do it. You just need to.

I loved the book, I would recommend it to everybody. It’s such a smart novel and the story really keeps you guessing. Who would have thought that it would have an ending like it does.

After I read the book, I went to see the movie a second time and loved it even more. I seriously can’t wait until it comes out so I can buy it and watch it on repeat.

*Sorry, by the way, for just posting this now. I’ve been done with it for a few weeks and have just been putting off the post until I had a break from work.

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