Indecent Proposal by Jack Engelhard


So apparently the only reason I read books now is if I really like the movie they’re based on. Just kidding, but the following review definitely continues the trend of my past few reviews.

I absolutely loved the move Indecent Proposal the first time I watched it. My mom told me that she thought I would like it, and it happened to be on Netflix so I gave it a shot. Demi Moore is absolutely beautiful and I loved her with Woody Harrelson. I thought that they were believable as a couple and genuinely seemed to have chemistry in the film. Spoiler alert for those who haven’t seen the film/read the book, the whole plot of having a rich man offer money to a poorer man for one night with his wife was crazy. The movie was exciting, it made me angry, it made me cry, and it made me believe that maybe true love and true soulmates do exist.

I was so excited to read this book because I love all the extra little details that usually get cut when a novel is adapted into film. However, I soon found out that the film is really just loosely based on the novel and that the characters are not the same at all.

Other than the “rich man pays poorer man for one night with his wife” theme and meeting in the casino, the stories were pretty different. The movie was definitely much simpler and didn’t include any sort of racial differences in characters like the novel. I think that a lot of what motivated/pushed the characters in the story had to do with their racial/religious/personal backgrounds and we didn’t see any of that in the movie.

All that said, I do kind of like when books are different from their film adaptations because it keeps things interesting. I definitely think that I liked the movie more still, it was more entertaining and I liked that it showed the wife’s point of view as well. I also thought that some of the main parts of the book were unrealistic and that kind of turned me off from the book. For instance, when Joshua visits Ibrahim and is shown the “sex tape” he secretly filmed and then they get into a physical altercation. I just couldn’t see this whole situation actually playing out the way it did in real life.

There’s really a lot more that I could say about this book, but I feel like this is getting pretty long already so I’ll cut it short. Overall, I liked that the novel can stand on its own and that it isn’t exactly the same as the story in the film. I liked that at the end I still felt like the two were meant to be together, and I liked that the story really makes you think about the proposed situation and what it would be like that have that sort of offer on the table. It’s definitely an interesting idea and I would definitely recommend the book to any one who has seen the movie or is just interested in the plot.

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